About Us

Nook Deco is lovingly owned by Xiuli & Miles. Having both loved interior design, home decor and have had an artistic, creative outlook all of our lives, Xiuli and I had been travelling throughout China when we happened across various wow factor pieces of delightful Chinese traditional furniture from the long lost past. We must have this furniture for our home, was our initial thought. Then after much discussion and deliberation it dawned on us both, that there was a place for this naturally artistic ancient Chinese traditional furniture in every home in the UK. We always dreamt of one day running our own business. So, in May 2017 Nook Deco was born.

We essentially wanted to make Chinese traditional, Antique style furniture available and affordable to the outside world by offering something unique and stylistic that will stand the test of time and still look good in your home in 50 years’ time. Chinese traditional furniture will never go out of date because it already has an old antique style of its very own and there is nothing else quite like it.

When selecting products for our Nook Deco store we had but two simple rules, did we love it ourselves and more importantly did it have a place in our own home. Of course, we do actually have many of these pieces in our own home and we love them to bits.

Most of our products are actual old antique Chinese furniture pieces which have been sourced from locals homes out in the Chinese countryside, and then restored by hand to bring out the natural beauty of the old wood and/or lacquer to make them into exquisite gorgeous pieces worthy of a statement piece in any grand palace or humble home, that you will come to love for the rest of your lives once you own some.

Most other furniture products are handmade from recycled antique furniture and wood and as with most things handmade, each one is unique. Sizes may vary slightly to those stated. The wood in most cases is reclaimed or repurposed, so natural cracks and paint ware & tare play a major part in the style of this furniture and are more often than not left unaltered which ultimately adds to their unique beauty and artistic character.

Along with our furniture we have carefully selected and can offer you some complementary home décor in the form of Ceramic and Bronze sculptures, tableware and ornaments, wall hangings and artwork, and not to mention, some gorgeous Chinese soft furnishings. Maybe these little ideas will help finish off your beautiful furniture acquisitions in a traditional style.

We would like to thank you for stopping by to have a look and of course we hope you like, or even purchase something lovely for your home that that you can look at every day which will make your life as pleasurable as ours.