2 Door Red High Lacquer Wedding Cabinet With Lacquer Paintings

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A rare wedding cabinet over 100 years old from Jiangsu Province, China

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A very unique small charming 2 door wedding cabinet with lacquer paintings on the doors is restored and relacquered. This piece was acquired from Wuxi town in Jiangsu Province, where the lacquer painting furniture is nationally renowned.

The lacquer painting on the 2 doors of this cabinet are almost symmetrical: Chinese national flower peonies, imaginary phoenixes and a pair of flying magpies 喜鵲. Only the words floating with the clouds are different on the two doors. The Chinese word月Moon is on the left door and 日Sun on the right door. In Chinese culture, Sun represents ‘Yang’ and Moon represents ‘Yin’. In marriage, the husband is ‘yang’ Sun and the wife is ‘yin’ Moon. The harmonious relationship between husband and wife also conforms to the exchanges of yin and yang.

In ancient times, peony has always been a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness. It has always been used to symbolize family wealth and good luck. As the national flower of China, peony has the meaning of national beauty and heavenly fragrance. In fact, the peony also has the meaning and symbol of loyalty. According to legend, in Wu Zetian’s period, she let the flowers bloom in winter and all the flowers were opened. Only the peony insisted that her creed never bloomed, so after that, the peony also used to refer to those who keep their promises.

It is said that the phoenix is the king of birds. It is divided into males and females.  In our history, the phoenix is a symbol of good fortune. This cabinet was obviously made for a newlywed couple. In traditional Chinese culture, magpies are associated with celebration and auspiciousness.

Country of Origin
C.1910 Jiangsu Province, China

Width 76cm x Depth 48cm x Height 63cm

Solid wood

Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth
Keep away from heat sources or direct sunlight

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 76 × 48 × 63 cm