Celadon Vase With Hand Carved Peony & Iron Spot Decoration

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A fine art ornament

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A handmade fine art reproduction of a vase from Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) by Longquan Kiln/Longquan Celadon

Longquan celadon (龍泉青瓷) is a type of green-glazed Chinese ceramic, known in the West as celadon or greenware, produced from about 950 to 1550. The kilns were mostly located in Lishui prefecture in southwestern Zhejiang Province in the south of China, and the north of Fujian Province. Overall a total of some 500 kilns have been discovered, making the Longquan celadon production area one of the largest historical ceramic producing areas in China.

The Longquan celadons were among the finest of a range of celadon wares produced in China, and led stylistic and technical developments. The celadons were produced in a range of shades of colour, centred on olive-green, but extending to greenish blues (regarded as desirable, but less common) and browns. All these colours come from the glaze. Most shapes are simple but very elegant.

The glaze is made opaque by the presence of plant ash and tiny bubbles of gas, which give a lustrous effect. With the whiter body clays pieces may be translucent. The pronounced reddish colour of unglazed areas comes from the end of the firing, as the heated clay comes in contact with the fresh air let into the kiln, and the iron present turns into ferrous oxide. A technique sometimes found before about 1400 was to add spots or splashes of a mixture rich in iron oxide with an appearance of randomness; these fired a dark brown

Country of Origin
Jing De Zhen, Jiangxi Province China

Dimensions for Each Sculpture
Width 12cm x Depth 12cm x Height 24.4cm



Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth or a feather duster

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