Floral 4 Door Birthday Cabinet with Top Open

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A very unique special piece 

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An extremely unique 4 door wedding cabinet was acquired from Manchuria, China. This piece was designated made for the celebration of a special person’s birthday.

The paintings on the front have been meticulously restored. The hand-painted flowers were perfectly arranged artistically across the four doors. A lot of the flowers set between doors have been painted as a whole overall. There are no broken paintings between the doors. Once the doors close the view of the flower paintings on the doors to the audience is a whole painting,  which emblems life continuity. 

The “swastika”-the shaped pattern was goldenly drawn all over the frames around the doors with no beginning and no end. The swastika pattern, which is one of the traditional patterns in ancient China is often regarded as a symbol of the sun or fire. The word “swastika” in Sanskrit means “a collection of auspiciousness”. Buddhism believes that it is the auspicious image of Sakyamuni’s chest, which means auspiciousness, good fortune and longevity.

After the restoration, the 2 panels on the top were still kept removable, as they were made originally.

Country of Origin

c.1910 Manchuria, China

Width 155cm x Depth 41cm x Height 82cm

solid wood

Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth
Keep away from heat sources or direct sunlight

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 155 × 41 × 82 cm