Gold Detailed Red High Lacquer Chinese Wedding Cabinet

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An old 4 door 3 drawer cabinet from Manchuria China was made at the end of Qing Dynasty


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This old Chinese wedding cabinet was original from Manchuria China and was called ‘Kang Piano’ placed on the top of ‘Kang’ – a huge warm bed in northern China. Kang Piano was used to be a piece of extremely popular furniture in Manchuria for over two thousand years. These style of furniture has stopped making since the mid of last century with the developments of modern condition and society.

In the ancient times, Kang Pianos were mainly made of solid wood with a few carved tricks, the overall appearance of the wood is the original primitive pattern. About 300 years ago, the drawings were introduced into the making of the furniture. Artists are mostly folk artists, with watercolour painted in Chinese painting style, the painting patterns are landscape, flowers and folklore legend fragments.

This Kong Piano was made by the finest pine wood. Restoration has changed the original metal hinges to tenon and mortise structure. The body was originally painted with red tung oil, and the front of the cabinet was outlined in gold powder. The piece has been made for over 100 years, and it remains its original state well. 

Country of Origin
c.1910 Manchuria, China

Width 158cm x Depth 40cm x Height 93cm

Solid wood

Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth
Keep away from a heat sources or direct sunlight

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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 158 × 40 × 93 cm