Melon Double Crackled Glaze Straight Neck Flask

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A fine art ornament

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It is a fine art reproduction of a vase from Song Dynasty (960-1279) by Ge Kiln/Ge ware

Ge ware or Ko ware (Chinese: 哥窯) is a type of celadon or greenware in Chinese pottery. It was one of the Five Great Kilns of the Song dynasty.

This vase has “double crackle”, or two sizes of crackle glaze, one with wide and large crackle, the other with a finer network. Each set of cracks has had the effect heightened by applying a coloured stain, in different colours. There are multiple layers of glaze, and the wider crackle develops first, with the finer one developing inside those sections. The crackle may take some time to appear after firing, and is probably mainly caused by rapid cooling, and perhaps low silica in the glaze. This form of double crackle is called jinsi tiexian or “gold thread and iron wire” in Chinese tradition, describing the small and larger networks respectively.

Country of Origin
Jing De Zhen, Jiangxi Province China

Dimensions for Each Sculpture
Width 13cm x Depth 13cm x Height 27.30cm



Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth or a feather duster

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