Ming Dynasty Blue-and-White Dragon Globular Vase

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An exceptionally beautiful art ornament

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An exceptional beautifully handcrafted fine art reproduction of a vase from the Ming Xuande Dynasty (1399-1435) by Jingdezhen kiln.

The dragon is perhaps the most important motif in the Chinese ceramic decorative repertory symbolic of Imperial power. During the Song Dynasty, the dragon motif was employed as an archaistic chilong type with three large claws set in relative isolation giving the sinuous snake-like body maximum impact. This was perpetuated during the Yuan dynasty, although the dragon had developed into the more ‘mature’ type, with a characteristic blunt nose, strained eyes beneath fringed lashes, pronounced antler-like horns, and thick tresses sweeping from beneath their necks into high coiffures. During the early Ming period, the dragon typically remained unobscured by surrounding decoration, whether clouds, flames, or foliage, retaining its whole body as a dominant single visual entity.

The original piece was the finest of all Xuande porcelains. A vase painted with a virtually identical dragon and other design elements and dated to the Xuande period is in the Palace Museum, Beijing.

Country of Origin
Jing De Zhen, Jiangxi Province China

Dimensions for Each Sculpture
Width 28cm x Depth 28cm x Height 44cm
Mouth D9cm
Bottom D15.5cm



Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth or a feather duster

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