Remote Call – Award Winning Work by Chinese Sculptor Liu Song


Limited edition 17/299. Artist signature 刘松 is embedded in the base of the sculpture

The Wet Signature by Sculptor Liu Song was given on the certificate to this piece Only out of 299 editions


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Limited Edition: 17/299,
++ Wet Signature on the Certificate by Artist Liu Song
Year: 2016
Published by S+ (Sina Sculpture+)

The sculpture is the one of the 299 scaled-down limited edition (Width 54cm x Depth 11cm x Height 23.5cm) from the original one (Width 88.9cm x Depth 18cm x Height 38.4cm). In order to guarantee its artistic value, a limited edition with the artist’s signature is launched. Each product will have a number,and the lower the number,the higher the collection value

Remote Call (The Call From Far Way) sculptured by the Artist, depicted a group of innocent children riding on a giant magical horse. This dream horse carries the children running into the wilderness as if they are answering the call from somewhere far away and heading towards the distant future.

The work shapes the characters in a space-compressed way, giving them a unique flaky shape. This way of embossing the round sculpture is a new attempt for the sculpture language and a new exploration of the Author’s artistic style. In terms of composition, the unconventional ratio between horses and children is precisely to highlight the artistic expression of the freedom yearn.

Remote Call Awards:
-China Young Artists Art Awards from The 5th China Beijing International Art Biennale, 2012
-The 3rd-Class Prize from the International Sculpture Competition of Qingdao World Horticulture Expo, 2013
-The Excellent Award from the 4th Liu Kaiqu Awards Sculpture Competition, Wuhu, China, 2014

Remote Call Exhibition Records:
-The 5th China Beijing International Art Biennale, 2012
-International Sculpture Competition of Qingdao World Horticulture Exposition, 2013/2014
-The 4th Liu Kaiqu Awards Sculpture Competition, Wuhu, China, 2014
-France International Comparison Salon Show 2014, Champs Elysees Grand Palais, Paris, France, 2014
-British Royal Academy of Arts – Chinese Art Exhibition, 2012

Auction Records: “The Remote Call ” Limited Edition No.4/8, Size:Width: 88.9cm, Depth: 18cm, Height: 38.4cm. Refined Arts Special Auction Session of Oil Painting and Sculpture, China Guardian Auctions Co. Ltd., 2011

Remote Call Limited Edition 2011 (8 in total) Collection Records:
-Collected by China Art Museum
-Collected by China National Art Academy
-Collected by Private (3 pieces)

Artist: Liu Song 刘松
Liu Song graduated from the Chinese National Academy of Arts in 2012 with a Ph.D.
Deputy Director of China City Sculpture Construction Committee
Deputy Director of the Academic Department of The Art Committee
A member of the Chinese Sculpture Society
A Member of the Chinese Artists Association

Liu Song’s sculptures have won gold and silver awards in national and provincial art exhibitions. In the 2006 China Olympic Landscape Sculpture Competition, his sculpture “The Unbalanced Moment” won the Five Ring Award and was selected to participate in 18 cities exhibitions including the United Nations Headquarters in New York, London, Seoul, Lausanne, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Washington, Moscow, etc.

Public sculptures by Liu Song are permanently displayed in the international sculpture parks in the Province Capitals in China such as Guangzhou, Tianjin, Fuzhou, and Changbai Mountain.

Country of Origin Beijing, China

Dimensions for Each Sculpture
Width 54cm x Depth 11cm x Height 23.5cm


Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth attached. The more frequent wiping the more glittering the sculptures are

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