Wulong(Dark Dragon) – Horse Sculpture by Ou Cai

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Stone coloured hand casted Chinese ancient famous horse Qingyi by young sculptor Ou Cai

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A stunning tribute to the most free spirited of animals, a serial original cire perdue – Lost-wax bronze casting work by their creator Ou Cai. He said: “the impression of horses to most people, is that they are unrestrained and wild.  but from the aesthetic point of view of contemporary art, I want to do a different horse. With simple lines and freehand expression, to interpret the horse elegant and comfortable, static thinking side”. Ou Cai has won a numerous awards for his horse serial work. His work also has been exhibited around the world.









War horses were the pride of the Tang (AD 618-907), a dynasty of prosperity, military expansion and artistic achievement. Dark Dragon, Chinese name: Wulong is renown for its King’s manner and and leadership in cavalry on the battle field.

A high temperature flame painted colour finish gives the design a powerful yet timeless quality.

Country of Origin Hunan Province, China

Width 25cm x Depth 6cm x Height 26cm


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Clean with a soft cloth

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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 26 cm