Moon White Glaze Vase with Carved Peony Pattern


A fine art ornament

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A handmade fine art reproduction of a vase from Song Dynasty (960-1279) by Ding Kiln/Ding ware

Ding ware, Ting ware (Chinese: 定瓷) mostly porcelain, produced in the prefecture of Dingzhou in Hebei in northern China. The main kilns were at Jiancicun or Jianci in Quyang County. They were produced between the Tang and Yuan dynasties of imperial China, though their finest period was in the 11th century, under the Northern Song.The kilns were in almost constant operation from the early eighth until the mid-fourteenth century.

The most characteristic wares are thin porcelains with a white or greyish body and a nearly transparent white-tinted glaze. Chemical analysis has shown that they were often made entirely of a kaolinitic clay without any petuntse or “porcelain stone”. They are mostly decorated, with uncoloured designs that are incised or in very shallow relief. The white glaze was noted for a slight cream or ivory tint, apart from which it was transparent.

Pieces produced in Ding ware were mostly open vessels of a relatively small size, with shapes and decoration often borrowed from metalwork, as in the bowls with lobed rims. While the decoration was hand-carved, it was mostly scrolling plant-forms including lotus and peony, with some simple animals such as ducks and fish. These were “generally rather open and well spaced, executed with remarkable fluency and an apparently unfailing sense of compositional balance”.

The firing process was with bowls placed upside down in the kiln, which meant that the glaze had to be wiped from the rim, which left a rough rim, and many pieces were given a thin metal rim in silver or a “brassy alloy”.

Country of Origin
Jing De Zhen, Jiangxi Province China

Dimensions for Each Sculpture
Width 14cm x Depth 14cm x Height 30.50cm



Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth or a feather duster

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