Rainbow Angel – Hong Male (Green)


Collectible Sculpture -limited edition one of 999 by Sculptor Qu Guangci

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Limited Edition: 371 of 999
Year: 2016 created
Published by X+Q

Art Description:
Angels are not only in heaven. The Chinese have their own angels.
The most beautiful rainbows are the double ones, with one strong and bright, and the other light and elegant.
The ancient Chinese say that rainbows come in pairs, with the stronger one a male, named “Hong”, and the lighter one a female, named “Ni.”

Dimensions: Width 36cm x Depth 12cm x Height 25cm

Fiberglass on glass


Artist: Qu Guangci (1969-2021)

Famous contemporary Chinese sculptor Qu Guangci was born in Shanghai in 1969 and received his MFA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department. Since 1999, Qu has been invited to exhibit his works around the world, including in China, Germany, France, the United States, and Southeast Asia. To date, he has held nine solo exhibitions. He resigned from his university teaching position in 2007 to found X+Q Sculpture Studio in 2011 together with his wife Xiangjing the most female sculptor in China (Creator: I have seen happiness, see her work here). He died of illness in Japan in 2021.

gu guangci

As the youngest artist to win the grand prize at the National Fine Arts Exhibition, Qu Guangci became renowned throughout the art world for his sculpting techniques. He has attracted widespread attention for his contemporary sculpture language and his post-political expression techniques, among which the  ‘Little Fat Man’ series is the most famous.

Qu’s work often presents a dual nature, providing infinite space for viewers’ interpretation. Many of his works present a balanced state between humanity and divinity. They are neither angels nor demons, neither conflicted nor hesitant – its significance is a reflection of the current state of affairs in China.

Qu Guangci and Xiang Jing were recognized by the Chinese contemporary art circle as the “fairy couple”, and they are also the most successful sculptor couple in the Chinese contemporary art market.

Care Instructions
Clean with a soft cloth.

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